Frequently Asked Questions
For whom?
Is it mandatory to attend HR University?
Yes, as a new Hill-Rom sales person/marketing person you should attend the Bronze training preferable within 6 months from the employees first day at Hill-Rom.
Who should attend the training?
We are targeting foremost sales and marketing people but everybody that need product knowledge can apply for the training.
Is the training open for distributors and agents?
Yes, HR-University is open for Hill-Rom employees as well as for distributors/agents
I'm not working in sales or marketing; can I still attend the training?
If you are not in sales or marketing and feel that you need more product knowledge, please contact your General manager to discuss if HR University would be an option for you.
I feel that I need to refresh my product knowledge. Can I attend even if I have been working a few years?
Yes, you are most welcome as long as the course isn't booked up.
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What is HR University?
HR University is a standardized training system that comprises a combination of e-learning modules and classroom training.
Is HR University an online training or a "real life" training:
Hill-Rom University is a mix between e-learning modules and classroom training to obtain an effective learning.
Why HR University?
One of the key points to succeeding in our sales process is to be the customers' knowledgeable partner and help him or her solve the daily challenges within the hospital or the nursing home. To enable this you need knowledge, not only hard facts, but also hands on experience with the different products and Clinical knowledge? With a standardized training system we secure that our employees has certain knowledge about the products and how to promote them.
How long is the training?
The full bronze training covers 3 weeks. Information about the length of the silver/gold level will follow closer to the launch during FY2011/2012
Is HR University something new?
Yes, it was launched in 2011
Can I get the training in different languages?
For now, all training is in English
Do I get a certificate?
Can I just do the E-learning modules
Yes you can, but to get all the product knowledge, the hands on experience and get certified in Bronze/Silver/Gold level you will need to complete the classroom training as well.
Do I have to attend all three weeks on the Bronze training?
If you only need knowledge about a certain segment, for example critical care, it will be possible for you to attend that particular classroom training. But you will not get the full certificate unless you complete all segments.
Must I do all three weeks in a row?
No, you can spread them over one year but we recommend that you take the full 3-weeks course at one occasion.
Who is arranging the training?
The training is arranged by Hill-Rom University which is a part of International commercial marketing
What is the background of the trainers?
All our trainers are experienced trainers with clinical background as a physiotherapist or nurse.
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Who decides if you are allowed to attend?
The General Manager in your country/region. If there still is a doubt please contact us for clarification.
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Levels and segments
Are there different levels of training?
Yes, there is a Bronze training for the new employees/distributors and there are also going to be a silver and gold level for persons that have worked for a while and know the products.
Can I go through all the different levels in a year or how long time does it take to be a gold certified person?
No you can't. As a new employee you have to work at least one year after the Bronze training to attend Silver and at least 2 years after the Silver before you can attend the Gold level. Old employees may skip one level due to already gained knowledge. This needs to be decided with a testing procedure.
I'm only working in the Liko segment; do I need to learn about beds?
If you work with just LIKO products it's possible for you to cover just the LIKO products. Remember though, that it can be good to know about other products as well to fully understand your products full potential and to facilitate cross selling.
What segments does the HR University cover?
The Hill-Rom University covers Critical Care, Clinical Care (Therapy, Surfaces), Med-Surge, Stretchers, Architectural Products, Maternal, Long Term Care, LIKO and Sales-training
I have earlier gone through the Liko School. Can I then skip HR University Liko modules?
Yes, that could be possible. We will check your knowledge with online tests. Talk to your General manager, he will know how to proceed.
Can I skip some level and go direct silver/gold training?
Yes, if you have been working with the products and have a certain level of knowledge you can skip one or even two levels. This has to be decided with a testing procedure. Contact your General manager for further information.
How do I know which level I should attend?
As a new employee you start with the E-learning modules and bronze training. If you've been working for a while we will check your knowledge with online tests. Talk to your General manager, he will know how to proceed.
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When and where?
Is it possible to attend training in my own country?
The classroom training will not be available in all countries but we will run the training in several locations across the world to cover all the regions.
How do I know when the next training is held?
Check the year planner that is available on the LMS on the Hill-Rom Hub
How do I know where the next training is held?
Check the year planner that is available on the LMS on the Hill-Rom Hub
Can I attend the Hill-Rom University anywhere I like according to the Year planner?
Yes, but keep in mind that the product range and market differs from Europe to MEA, APAC and Latin America and therefore the content in Hill-Rom University Bronze might differ from one location to another.
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Do I have to do an examination?
Yes, to get the certificate you will need to do a theoretical examination online on each segment after you have finished the classroom training.
Is it possible to fail on the tests?
Yes it is. You will need 80% correct answers to pass the test.
If I fail on a test, can I do it again?
Yes, you have a second chance
Is there a test in the E-learning modules:
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Do we charge the attendees for the training?
No we don't. The participant pays for the travel and accommodation.
Who pays travel and accommodation:
Travel and accommodation are paid by your organization. HR University will pay for lunch.
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Who should I contact?
Who can I contact if I have questions?
Contact your GM. You can also contact Marica Demby (
Where can I find updated information?
Check on the LMS (learning management system) on the Hill-Rom Hub.
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