The Hill-Rom University training courses are built into modules in three different levels.
Bronze Level
Bronze Level is the first step into the Hill-Rom University world. It combines theory with hands on training and gives an overview of the fundamentals necessary for a new employee working with Hill-Rom products.
Intended for:
Everyone in Sales and Marketing roles
3 Weeks
The Bronze Level module is held several times every year at our different CEC's (Customer Experience Centers) around the world
Silver Level
Silver level within the Hill-Rom University supports the continual professional development for sales professionals working with Hill-Rom products and services. It combines a deeper insight into each product segment as well as an assessment of the competition. The programme has been designed to build on the existing knowledge, sales expertise and skills. A key focus during the programme is how to use this knowledge in combination with the sales approach learnt in the Professional Selling Skills. The desired outcome to assist in greater application and insight enabling individuals to create advantages and solutions when driving customer conversations.

The Silver training should follow 6-12 months after completed bronze training and prior to the training the participants should also complete the Professional Selling Skills course.

Professional Selling Skills
Intended for:
Sales and Marketing
1-3 days per product segment.
The silver training is held several times every year at our different CEC’s (Customer Centers) around the world.
Gold Level

To complete each level you need to attend and participate in each module and pass an exam in order to be certified.